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The Background

MindfulFramestudio was hired by WindTAK Sp z o.o. in July of 2022 to help with their SEO, specifically, improving their online presence in the four markets: Poland, Germany, USA, and Canada.

WindTAK Sp z o.o. delivers professional solutions in wind engineering, focusing on areas related to the operation of turbines and the improvement of their energy efficiency.

The Renewable Energy sector has cut-throat competition. The overall market competition landscape is staggering: Vestas, Siemens, General Electric, 3M + SmartBlade GmBH, and PowerCurve just to name a few!

Hence, increasing the overall exposure for WindTAK Sp z o.o. will require building up a smart SEO Strategy.

 To help WindTAK Sp z o.o. achieve their aims, we talked with the team about the current state of their Google rankings and their website.

From this, we knew that our primary goal was to increase visibility in the search results, targeting searches that are likely to buy.


The Keywords

I selected a variety of keywords to target and focused on the ones I knew would generate the most revenue, and exposure for WindTAK once ranked on Google.

The Campaign

Step 1

The initial focus was to carry out a comprehensive manual SEO to access a present-way state of the website SEO. Carrying out an audit from day one is essential to ensure you’re not building your digital real estate on a weak foundation.

Step 2

Once, I have identified all holes in the current site’s structure, we quickly got to work filling them all in and ensuring I had a strong foundation to build on.

Foundation sorted, I then moved on to creating new pages I could target the agreed set of keywords. For some of these pages, there was not enough content on the page to convey relevancy. Thus, my content team got to work to beef them up with perfectly optimized SEO content. 

Step 3

On-page SEO team then got to work and optimized the pages even further and added 32 internal links to help improve our target pages’ relevancy.

Step 4


Once the website optimizations were complete, we set up an extensive, ongoing link-building campaign to push the site up even further. Our team focused on getting WindTAK mentioned on big media websites to propel their brand name and domain authority up the Google ranks!

I had a few more tricks up our sleeves to get WindTAK into a top spots- but a magicians never  reveals all his secrets…

SEO Audit Icon | Mindful Frame Studio

SEO Audit

SEO Optimization Icon | Mindful Frame Studio

SEO Optimization

Tracking Progress Icon | Mindful Frame Studio

Tracking Progress

Link Building Icon | Mindful Frame Studio

Link Building

The Results

Our changes resulted in an increase in over 500 positions across all the keywords for our client and had an real impact of their bottom-line.

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