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Profilowa Centre

Centrum Profilowa (formerly Benimaks Logopeda), is a new Speech Therapy, Psychology and Allied Services, located in Lodz (equivalent to the size of Bristol, UK), Poland, that provides first-class services: Hand Therapy, Psychological Therapy, Psychiatric Consultation, Sensory Integration diagnosis, Children’s psychotherapy, child lactation advice, just a name of few! Theirs young and old patients have been suffering from neurologopedic & logopedic diseases for many years.  Professional crew, well-equipped doctor’s offices these being a great few differentials. In addition to professional services, they have been providing multidisciplinary care in one place – another significant differential relative to their competitors.

 The challenge was to create a visual identity capable of inspiring the perception of high quality and great customer experience. The business has to be perceived as suitable for young & old patients.  

This is a brand that helps people to improve their health. Hence to enjoy the present moments with their families – something increasingly rare and challenging in the modern world. The following were developed: logo, slogan, colour palette, graphics, patterns, stationery, physical signage, patterns for digital media and various supporting graphic elements, property photoshoot, SEO Strategy and website.

Speech Therapy Profilowa Centre case study hero image branding
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