Profilowa Centre – Property Photoshoot

Profilowa Centre

#1 Quick Overview

The project aims to showcase to the prospective clients elegant and functional interiors & exteriors of the business. Hence, it has to encourage clients to book an appointment. The whole photoshoot is a part of a bigger effort of ongoing marketing strategy to successfully increase the social media & Internet exposure of the Centrum Leczenia Zaburzeń Komunikacji PROFILOWA in Lodzkie metropolis competitive market (which is equivalent to the size of the Bristol and surrounding areas). Check out other services (Website Design, SEO Strategy, Branding Process) offered for this client

Property Photography_Profilowa_Centre_Speech_therapy_case_studies_work_showcase_

#2 My role

Needless to say, I was responsible for the whole photoshoot session. Starting from the correct angles of the photos selection, thru exposing the key features of the Speech therapy practice – which are crucial from a business perspective, such as amenities for the disabled people, interior & exterior photos, and equipment showcase. Finally, photos have been edited to the most desired output. Everything was executed swiftly without causing disruptions for the clients and operating business while taking pictures.

Watch Promo Video

The short promo video has been created based on photographs provided to the customer.

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